More Than Technical Analysis Software.

Because The Market is Wild.

Chartsy|One delivers you the flexible, secure financial desktop application for market analysis, scanning, charting, trading and backtesting. It’s currently under active development with mission to make sure your tools are not holding you back.

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The Chartsy|One application screenshot
The Chartsy|One Application in action (screenshot) — showing a daily chart of the SPHS stock with a FRAMA-based channel and a Fractal Dimension indicator added to spot for interesting consolidations.

Explore some of the features of the Chartsy|One

for Discretionary Traders

for Algorithmic Traders

for Developers and Quantitative Traders

Chartsy|One features for Discretionary Traders

Cross Platform
Windows Installer
Linux Installer
Cloud Friendly
Java Based
64-bit Compatible
Data Feeds
Works with any historical ASCII/CSV data.
Support for Quandl data
Yahoo's EOD and intraday data connector
Tiingo data connector
Intuitive layout
5+ Chart Types
10+ Technical Indicators
10+ Drawing Tools
Fibonacci Drawings
Elliott Wave Drawings
Overlay Plots
Chart Templates
Automatically Saved Drawings
Multi Instrument
Multi Time-Frame
Custom Columns
Plot Drawings from Code
Table-Based Results Exportable to Excel
Easly Browse Charts for Filtered Results in the Slideshow Mode
Run Multiple Scans Simultaneously

Chartsy|One features for Algorithmic Traders

Hybrid architecture of array-based and event-driven solutions that offers the best of both worlds for an algorithmic trading strategy.
Multi Instrument
Multi Time-Frame
Custom Metrics
Lightning Fast
Run Multiple Backtests Simultaneously
Java-Based SDK
Build-In IDE
Java 8 Compatible
Syntax Highlighting
Code Completion
Code Refactoring
Javadoc Support
Project-Based Multi-File Strategies
External IDEs Connectivity (Eclipse, NetBeans)
Developer Tools
Debugging Through External IDE
Profiling Through External IDE
Plug-In any External Library from the Wide Java Ecosystem
Soon Available
Automated Trading
Multi Broker

Chartsy|One features for Quantitative Traders and Developers

Machine Learning
Build-In AI Libraries
Neural Networks
Genetic Algorithms
Random Forests
SVM, KNN, Random Forests and other classifiers, clusterers and regressors available out-of-the-box.
Plug-in any Java-based external library.
Batch Automation
External API for Connectivity with External Applications