Connecting with Interactive Brokers


Chartsy|One since version 0.8.6 allows connecting with the Interactive Brokers TWS API to download historical market data.

The following additional prerequisites need to be fulfilled before using Interactive Brokers plugin:


Interactive Brokers Plugin is an add-on plugin and it's not by default installed with the standard Chartsy|One application. To install Interactive Brokers plugin:

  1. Select ToolsPlugins from the program main menu.
  2. When the Plugins management window is opened, navigate to the Available Plugins tab.
  3. Find and select the Interactive Brokers Plugin on the list of available plugins. If this plugin doesn't exist on the list it's either:
    • installed already and listed on the Installed tab,
    • or the list is not up-to-date, in which case click the Check for Newest button to refresh the plugin's list.
  4. Click the Install button to install the selected plugin.
  5. Follow the instructions given by the installer wizard. The program restart may be needed once finished.

Establishing connection

To connect your Chartsy|One application with the TWS API:

  1. Launch the Trader Workstation program on your computer.
  2. Select WindowServices from the Chartsy|One program main menu to display the Services tab.
  3. From the Services tab expand Historical Data.
  4. Right click on the Interactive Brokers plugin.
  5. Click Connect in the context menu.

If the connection is successfully established the plugin icon's color changes to green. From now on historical market data can be accessed by selecting DataImport Historical Data FromInteractive Brokers from the program main menu.