Historical Data


Chartsy|One is capable of downloading historical market data from various external data providers, including Yahoo Finance services (both EOD and intraday data is supported) and Tiingo services. The historical market data is always downloaded and stored in the Quote Databases, you have previously created and configured.


The supported historical data services are accessible from the Services tab. If the Services tab is not visible open it by using any of the following method:

Once the Services tab is opened, the list of available service connector groups is displayed. Expand the Historical Data group to show the list of all historical data connectors currently installed.

To configure the Historical Data service connector, right click on the specific node under the Historical Data group (e.g. Tiingo) and click on Properties in the context menu, as shown on the image above.

The Properties window will be opened in which you can specify any settings required by the specific connector. For example the Tiingo connector will require an "API Token" property to be set.

Hint: alternatively if you prefer the Properties view to be always opened, you can achieve this by selecting Window, then IDE Tools, then Properties.


To establish the connection with the external data provider:

  1. Right click on the specific service connector node, you want to use.
  2. Select Connect from the context menu.

If the connection was successful the icon of the connector will change color from black to green.

Downloading Historical Data

Historical market data is always stored in the Quote Databases, you have previously created and configured. If you don't have a Quote Database yet, follow the instruction described in the Quote Databases documentation page.

To download historical data:

  1. Navigate to the Symbols Tab.
  2. In the Symbols Tab select the entire database, or the specific symbols you want to import data for. Select them by checking the tick in the box near the displayed nodes.
  3. From the program main menu select Data, then Import Historical Data From and then choose a data provider you want to use.

The Historical Data downloader tab is expected to be opened, from which you can configure what data you want to download, in what resolution and specify the date range. To start the import process, click the Download! button.