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Meet Chartsy|One - technical analysis and market insight software for traders, analysts and investors.

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Chartsy|One is a Netbeans based tool for stock market investors and traders, shipped with powerful charting capabilities. You can open as many chart instances as you like. You can change chart types, resolutions and indicators or draw graphics with ease. Browse historical quotes offline by importing external CSV files. Although realtime data feeds are not supported yet, this feature is very high on our roadmap and it's going to be implemented in the near future.

  • Instant charting. Browse charts instantly with included adapters for online data services, such as Yahoo, Quandl or Stooq.
  • Add/Remove indicators. Many standard technical analysis indicators are included in Chartsy|One. More can be developed using build-in programming language support.
  • Add/Remove overlays. Overlay is just another name for an indicator which is plotted on the price chart and is usually sharing the same axis with it.
  • Chart Templates. Customize chart appearance by selecting your favorite indicators, adjusting parameters and finally saving the resulting mixture as a chart template for later reuse. Quickly bring them on screen anytime by loading chart templates previously saved.
  • Automatically saved drawings. All graphics you draw on a chart are automatically saved in a working folder on your disk, so that they could be brought again on screen the next time you open the same chart. There is no need for managing or saving your workspaces or chart files manually.
  • Drawing objects synchronize across multiple charts opened for the same instrument. For example, if you draw a trendline on a daily chart it will appear instantly on an intraday chart of the same symbol.
Chartsy|One integrated development environment

Featured IDE

Contrary to many other retail trading platforms Chartsy|One instead of yet-another-scripting-language embraces Java programming language. With Java you have advantage of working with mature, non-proprietary coding language based on solid object-oriented principles with access to wide eco-system of open source libraries out there waiting to be included in your project. The advanced integrated development environment built into the Chartsy|One platform can be used for rapid development of custom indicators, explorations and strategies.

The Chartsy|One itself is written in Java programming language bringing reliable and performant software to your desktop. Modern Java Runtime Environment often gives you faster than C++ experience. Despite articles that allege that C++ is as fast as Java or possibly even faster, the reality is that Java code, which Chartsy|One is based on, is simply faster as has been proven many times with actual real-life experiments. The vast majority of other low-cost trading software available on the market uses C++, C# or .NET code, which is slower and moreover Microsoft proprietary. Chartsy|One on the other hand adopts open and solid standards. Being written in Java it can be installed anywhere where Java 8 can be installed. You can use it on Windows, Linux or even Google Cloud Platform.

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Market Explorations

Chartsy|One features lightning-fast, fully-customizable screener for market opportunities. You can scan thousands of stocks for price patterns or user specified exploration criteria.

Rule-based stock picking. Fully programmable exploration rules that you write once and can run many times against financial instruments of your choice. You can easily construct a screening rule that uses multiple resolution bar data or references prices from any number of other symbols. With single lines of code you can incorporate all common technical indicators by picking from wide collection of algorithms already included in the system.

Ideal for EOD traders.

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Advanced Backtester

State-of-the-art backtester based on a hybrid architecture of array-based and event-driven solutions is probably the fastest backtesting engine on the planet. The hybrid model offers the best of both worlds for your algorithmic trading.

Backtesting is the most important way to validate your trading strategy performance and its feasibility for trading.

High performant because backtesting speed is extremely important for rapid iterations through strategy development cycle and an evaluation of a data mining bias for trading strategies based on machine learning principles. Each backtest run on the Chartsy|One platform is compiled by the Java Runtime to a native machine code and optimized directly on the assembly level for the best execution speed.

Project based coding. Design your trading algorithms across multiple files and folders. Reuse common classes and methods between different strategies. Bundle open source libraries into your projects. The carefully selected collection of four open source machine learning and numerical libraries are already bundled into the Chartsy|One platform. They can be used right away in your stock screnning rules or trading system coding. Additional libraries can be added manualy with ease.

Library of algorithms. The following components are included in the Chartsy|One software and can be used right away in your trading systems or exploration algorithms: